The Founder of Nightingale Medical College & Hospital, Mr. Asaduzzaman Choudhury, a renowned social worker and a famous Engineer of Bangladesh had a long-cherished dream of serving the nation in health sector by providing the highest standard of cost-effective treatment facilities, patient-care & nursing. So to materialize this dream he built an institution “Nightingale Medical College & Hospital” that would serve the suffering humanity & ailing masses in one hand and produce quality doctors for the future generation on the other hand. To uphold the ideology of love & care for the suffering & ailing patients, serving them, helping them and curing them in his hospital with loving care, which is not far from the ideology of Florence Nightingale, Mr. Choudhury named the institution after her name as “Nightingale Medical College & Hospital.” 

HISTORY BEHIND THE NAME "Nightingale Medical College & Hospital"

Nightingale Medical College & Hospital was named after Florence Nightingale, the celebrated nurse who has become a legend in the history of medical care & nursing for her commitment & devotion to the services of suffering humanity. She believed that one could serve the God by nursing the sick. For her sincere & selfless services to the sick & ailing masses she became a heroine not only to the British public but the world over. In later years Florence Nightingale acquired world-wide fame as "The Lady with the Lamp.” In the year 1907 Nightingale was adorned with the "Order of Merit" appellation of the British  Government.