Vision & Mission




Md. Asaduzzaman Choudhury
B.Sc Engg. Civil (BUET), APD (USA)
Founder & Chairman
Nightingale Medical College & Hospital 


I have been nursing at heart the dream of building an institution where people would be given services in the real sense of the term. When the opportunity came, I visualized that a quality medical college hospital, may be the ideal institution where countless number of people may get the required and accurate treatment services and at the same time, door of medical education is opened which is always an inevitable part of human civilization. 

With the aim of fulfilling that dream Nightingale Medical College & Hospital was established in the year 2005 which has progressed so far today.  And I rear in my mind that someday this hospital would be not only one of the best hospitals of our country but also of South East Asia, where a person would get the best quality of treatment ever possible & this would be delivered to him with utmost sincerity and devotion. We are working with that end in view. 

May the most merciful Allah help us in our endeavours.